At Mercedes Country House we consider our safety and the safety of our Guests to be our highest priority, in this strange moment that the world is experiencing.

We decided to close our hotel in early March to protect ourselves and to be able to reopen when conditions permitted. During this time, we reviewed the processes of our operation in order to adjust them to the new reality. We had to radically change some of these processes, for example, breakfast was served in a buffet and is now served “à la carte” with the possibility of choosing the place where to have it: restaurant, terrace or room.

We adapted our check in and check out process to the new reality. We reduced the number of tables in the restaurant and moved them to the terrace area where we built a pergola that guarantees the necessary shade for a comfortable meal. We also installed a pergola on the rooftop to ensure shade.

The cleaning and sanitizing processes were all revised in accordance with the rules of the DGS, with the aim of ensuring maximum safety. We invested in the purchase of a Rainbow vacuum cleaner that allows us to clean various items in a safer, faster and more efficient way.

The new processes, associated with the fact that we have a small number of rooms and an abundance of outdoor space, puts us in a privileged position to receive you in total security. We invite you to enjoy your vacation or a weekend to relax at Mercedes Country House.

We believe that everything will be fine. Until then, we will have to live in the “new normal”.


Lugar do Medronhal, 475Z

8005-502 Faro

Telefone: (+351) 932 512 055


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